About Us

Our Mission

Peruvian jewelry has gained recognition and popularity worldwide due to its unique designs, skilled craftsmanship, and use of traditional techniques. The country’s rich cultural heritage, influenced by ancient civilizations such as the Inca, Moche, and Nazca, is reflected in its jewelry making.

The ingenuity of Peruvian jewelry artisans transcends time, as their delicate pieces effortlessly blend with modern fashion trends, elegant, exquisite and radiant. The Marassina Jewelry line exemplifies this craftsmanship, meticulously crafted using Peruvian silver and precious stones, by artisans who draw inspiration from the rich Peruvian nature and Andean culture.

Marassina Jewelry designs incorporate elements such as silver, gemstones, and intricate filigree work. Some popular types of Peruvian jewelry include:

Filigree Jewelry: Filigree is a delicate metalwork technique that involves twisting and curling fine threads of silver or gold to create intricate designs. Peruvian filigree jewelry is known for its detailed patterns and craftsmanship.
Sodalite Jewelry: Sodalite is a blue gemstone found in Peru, and it is often used in jewelry making. Sodalite jewelry is admired for its rich blue color and is frequently combined with silver or gold settings.
Chrysocolla Jewelry: Chrysocolla is a vibrant green and blue gemstone that is commonly found in Peru. It is often used in the creation of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and its unique colors make it highly sought after.
Andean Textile Jewelry: Peruvian artisans also create jewelry using traditional Andean textiles. These pieces often incorporate colorful woven fabrics and are combined with metalwork to create unique and eye-catching designs.
Huayruro Seed Jewelry: Huayruro seeds are believed to bring good luck and ward off negative energy in Peruvian culture. Jewelry made from these seeds is often combined with silver or gold accents, and it is commonly used in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Our mission is to bring this precious and unique designs to the international stage, Peruvian Jewelry in Europe and Peruvian jewelry to the world, and by acquiring a jewel from Marassina, not only do you enhance your personal image, but you also contribute to the flourishing jewelry industry in Peru, supporting local artisans.

While women inherently possess beauty, it is equally important to embody it in essence. Embrace your uniqueness, radiate a light that sets you apart, and cultivate kindness towards others. With Marassina Jewelry, you can truly embrace these qualities—

                                                       “Be Divine, Be genuine, Be Light”.

Our History

Marassina Jewelry, founded in 2022, is the brainchild of Nadia Soledad Arroyo LLave, coming from the mesmerizing Sacred Valley of Maras in Cusco, Peru. With a background in the jewelry industry in her home country, she has called the Netherlands her home since 2004. It was during her time working with Peruvian jewelry in the vibrant town of Cusco that Nadia witnessed firsthand the remarkable creativity and resourcefulness of the local artisans. Their craftsmanship left an indelible impression on her, sparking a deep passion that endures to this day.
Inspired and emboldened by this experience, Marassina embarked on a journey to showcase Peruvian artistry on the global stage. Thus, the Marassina Jewellery line was conceived, allowing individuals from across Europe to revel in the beauty and uniqueness of Peruvian jewelry. Through her online platform, Marassina extends a warm invitation to discover the exquisite craftsmanship and cultural heritage woven into each piece of jewelry.
“A glimpse of Peru in Europe and to the world”.

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VAT number: NL002442809B36